Stand against Racism

Wednesday, 12 November 2014 23:17
The G.E.F.A has partnered with the YWCA to help in the fight to end racism
The Stand Against Racismâ„¢ is a movement of the YWCA that aims to eliminate racism by raising awareness through its annual event. Organizations across the United States are invited to become Participating Sites by hosting their own "Stand." Individuals are then invited to join any of the "Stands",where hundreds of thousands of people will take a Stand Against Racismâ„¢ across the country.
The G.E.F.A will now be an official partner of the YWCA in their stand against racism campaign. The Great Eastern Football Association is using it's 2015 season, and all of its games, to promote the YWCA's Stand Against Racism as it is our purpose as a league to use the values of teamwork and sportsmanship requisite to amateur sports competition to help eliminate prejudice and discrimination by bringing together those of different races and ethnic backgrounds and disciplining them towards the achievement of a common goal.  All Great Eastern Football Association teams will have stickers placed at every game during the 2015 season. Every home game a G.E.F.A team hosts in 2015 will in fact be our way of showing support and taking the Stand Against Racism. The G.E.F.A looks forward to working with the YWCA in 2015 and beyond.
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G.E.F.A Continues Growth

Monday, 15 September 2014 22:11
The G.E.F.A has continued their growth headed into the 2015 season. Adding 4 new teams to the fold, bringing the G.E.F.A to 18 teams. Please help us as give a warm welcome to the newest additions to the G.E.F.A. Good luck to all four teams in their inaugural G.E.F.A season and always remember "Have fun, Play Hard, Play Fair".
Haven War Hawks
War Hawks 
Cumberland Valley Hitmen
Hazelton Devils
Carlisle Venom 
Tuesday, 04 March 2014 23:28

 G.E.F.A. Keystone Bowl History


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